Bintracker is a revolutionary software solution that uses scanning technology to track and report on waste streams. By providing detailed and reliable data on the waste’s source, volume, and composition, Bintracker helps your site to achieve it’s compliance goals and NABERS waste accreditation, as well as assists your business in becoming more environmentally friendly. 

How it works —

Bintracker tracks bins by using QR codes and integrated digital scales that capture data and send it in real time to the Bintracker app.

Simple to set up and use, the Bintracker system can be used across large and complex sites, such as multi-tenanted office buildings or universities.

The data recorded by Bintracker allows businesses or sites to track and monitor their waste habits, while also compiling the data with information provided by your waste removal service. With Bintracker, you’ll have a new level of transparency.

USER ID #317442ABins are collected, the QRcodes are scanned andthe source or tenant isidentified and recorded.Bins collected2134QR codesThe scanned bins areweighed before emptyingand the data is recorded,all in real time.Bins weighedReports showing a site’swaste and recyclinghabits by day, source andcomposition are created.Report created123kgUnique QR codes areplaced on bins.

As a NABERS Waste accredited assessor, Bintracker is dedicated to improving the built environment, environmentally, socially and economically.